Stubble Quail

Laughing Kookaburra



Black Shouldered Kite


Black Swan

Red-backed Kingfisher


Australian Wood Duck

Sacred Kingfisher


Pink-eared Duck

Rainbow Bee-eater


Australian Shovellor

White-browed Treecreeper


Grey Teal

Brown Treecreeper


Pacific Black Duck

Spotted Bowerbird



Variegated Fairy-wren


Australasian Grebe



Hoary-headed Grebe

Yellow Thornbill


Common Bronzewing

Chestnut-rumped Thornbill


Crested Pigeon

Southern Whiteface


Diamond Dove

Striated Pardalote


Peaceful Dove

Pied Honeyeater


Bar-shouldered Dove

Singing Honeyeater


Tawny Frogmouth

White-plumed Honeyeater


Australian Owlet-nightjar

White-fronted Honeyeater


Australasian Darter

Noisy Miner


Little Pied Cormorant

Yellow-throated Miner


Great Cormorant

Spiny-cheeked Honeyeater


Little Black Cormorant

Crimson Chat


Australian Pelican

Orange Chat


White-necked Heron

Blue-faced Honeyeater


Eastern Great Egret

Little Friarbird


Pied Heron

Grey-crowned Babbler


White-faced Heron

Chestnut-crowned Babbler


Nankeen Night Heron

Chestnut-breasted Quail-thrush


Australian White Ibis

Chirruping Wedgebill


Straw-necked Ibis

Varied Sitella


Royal Spoonbill

Black-faced Cuckoo-shrike


Yellow-billed Spoonbill

White Bellied Cuckoo-shrike


Whistling Kite

White-winged Triller


Black Kite

Rufous Whistler


Brown Goshawk

Grey Shrike-thrush


Spotted Harrier

Crested Bellbird


Wedge-tailed Eagle

White-breasted Woodswallow


Little Eagle

Masked Woodswallow


Nankeen Kestrel

White-browed Woodswallow


Brown Falcon

Black-faced Woodswallow



Grey Butcherbird


Black-tailed Native Hen

Pied Butcherbird


Eurasian Coot

Australian Magpie


Australian Bustard

Grey Fantail


Black-winged Stilt

Willie Wagtail


Black-fronted Dotterel

Australian Raven


Banded Lapwing

Little Crow


Masked Lapwing

Restless Flycatcher


Australian Pratincole



Red-tailed Black Cockatoo

White-winged Chough


Major Mitchell’s Cockatoo




Jacky Winter


Little Corella

Red-capped Robin


Sulphur-crested Cockatoo

Hooded Robin



Rufous Songlark


Australian Ringneck

Brown Songlark


Blue Bonnet

Welcome Swallow


Red-rumped Parrot

Fairy Martin


Mulga Parrot

Tree Martin



Zebra Finch


Black-eared Cuckoo

Plum – headed Finch


Pallid Cuckoo

Australasian Pipit


Southern Boobook

Nankeen Night Heron


Western Gerogyne


Did You Know!

Approximately 75% of our overnight guests said they wished they'd planned to stay a second night!! On your full day at Trilby you can take our station mud map self drive tours, complete with comprehensive trip notes; fish & yabby; canoe; birdwatch; enjoy approx 10km of bush running, walking, cycling or driving tracks meandering amongst the river red gums - or observe seasonal station activities.

Outback Helpers

Interested in lending a hand for a couple of hours a day in the tourism side of our enterprise? We have a dedicated powered site ( or you may prefer a waterfront campspot) that we offer free of charge for volunteers willing to pitch in and help out with some of the everyday chores. Stay a few days or a week ... just until you are ready to move on.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information!

Booking Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions – Trilby Station

Booking confirmation:

  • Overseer’s Cottage, Jillaroo’s cottage and Shearer’s Bunkhouse: A 50% deposit is required to confirm your booking. Payment of this deposit is via EFT or Credit Card. Balance payable on arrival via cash or credit card (MasterCard, Visa, Eftpos)
  • Powered Sites and River Campsites: Credit card details required for guarantee.
  • Louth Races week: All accommodation and camping attracts a premium for the week of Louth Races. Payment is required in full to confirm any booking. We do not refund cancelled bookings.

Checking in and out:

  • Check in is from 2pm and Departure time is 10am for all accommodation, caravan and camping sites.
  • Late check out will incur an automatic $30 charge that will be added to your bill.
  • An additional cleaning fee of $40 will be incurred if cottages/Bunkhouse are not left in a clean and tidy state.  Guests should ensure dishes are washed, dried and put away.

Cancellations and Refunds:

  • We do not refund cancelled bookings, however you may reschedule your dates.  Cancellations made less than 48 hours prior to arrival cannot be rescheduled and payment is forfeited.
  • Where cancellation of your booking occurs due to weather conditions locally that are beyond our control we are happy to renegotiate your booking, or you may cancel without any loss to you.


Please contact us for details for paying deposit.