Darling River

Outback NSW

The only Australian town to have grown out of a fort, erected by explorer Major Thomas Mitchell in 1835 to provide temporary shelter from the local aboriginal tribe. A replica of this fort can be seen a short distance from the site of the original.

With a mud map in your hand you could follow the Bourke Maritime Trail and discover the beautiful colonial buildings, including a maritime courthouse built over a century ago when the once thriving port of Bourke was the largest wool railhead in the world. You can stroll beneath the river gums past the wharf, the only lock on the River Darling, the lift-up bridge and the wreck of the SS Wave, stranded after a flood last century, to recapture the feel of the riverboat days.

Back O Bourke Exhibition Centre:

The multi million dollar world class Back O Bourke Exhibition Centre, described 'A billabong 500 years long' will remain long in your memory after you've moved on from Bourke. It tells the story of the Darling River and the region beyond, the stories of our western frontier and the values and dreams and sheer hard work that have given substance to our country. For more information on the Back O Bourke exhibition center please click here.

Take a trip along the Darling River Run and discover the pioneer history of the region's historic towns such as Louth, Tilpa, Wilcannia and Menindee. Retrace the steps of the explorers Sturt, Mitchell, Burke and Wills and experience the inspiration for literary legends Lawson, Olgilvie and Breaker Morant.

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Visitor Information Centre:

Kidman Way Bourke 2840


Telephone: 02 6872 1321