The Darling River Run

Outback NSW

The Darling River Run - Being located on the Darling River, Trilby is situated on one of Australia's great outback drives, the Darling River Run which follows the course of this majestic river from north east NSW to the south west corner of the state and its confluence with the mighty Murray at Wentworth.

Australia's longest waterway, the Darling, which is fed via its tributaries from the summer rains on the Darling Downs in southeast Queensland, forms the backbone of Outback NSW. Despite the actual river starting near Walget, this tour through the outback includes Lightning Ridge and follows the river to include Bourke, Louth, Tilpa, Wilcannia, Menindee, Pooncarie and Wentworth as well as icon National Parks of Gundabooka, Parroo-Darling, Mutawintji, Kinchega and Lake Mungo.

For more information, visit the Darling River Run website.

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