Do I need a 4WD to get to Trilby Station?

No you don't. My in-laws have lived their entire lives in this area and still only drive a Holden Ute! The unsealed roads are usually in fair order and it's just a matter of taking your time and driving to the conditions of the road. We are 125km from Bourke, of which about 100km is unsealed. Cobar is 160km with about 100km unsealed and Wilcannia is 200km – all unsealed.

Should I book ahead if I just want to camp?

It's not necessary, but a good idea ... just in case we're out the back paddock when you arrive or already fully booked. We only have 13 secluded waterfront campspots, (some large enough for big groups) and never squeeze more in.

Can I tow my caravan to Trilby Station?

Definitely, but please bear in mind that we are only accessible by unsealed roads in all directions. Your van doesn't need to be an off road type ... just drive to the conditions.

Do you have powered sites?

Yes, we do – 5. Our powered sites are approx 150 metres from the river and adjacent to the Shearer's Bunkhouse. Facilities include bathrooms, laundry, a camp kitchen (fridge, freezer, microwave, kettle, toaster and sink), gazebo, paved campfire area, water ( bore water from your tap, rainwater for drinking only) and shady lawns nearby.

Do campers have access to your beautiful swimming pool?

Absolutely! The pool is open during daylight hours for all guests on the station. It is situated in the homestead gardens, beside the Overseer's and Jillaroo's Cottages. We ask that children are supervised by an adult at all times.

What about the canoes, surf ski's and yabby nets? Is there a charge?

No, these are included in your tariff. Life jackets and paddles are located by the canoes and we ask that you put these back neatly once you have finished with them. Life jackets must be worn at all times whilst canoeing or paddling. Yabby nets are available to borrow from the homestead and if you don't have any 'bait' I can usually find you something to begin with.

Do I need a 4WD to go for your Mud Map Drives?

A 4wd vehicle isn't necessary but good ground clearance is required in certain sections of our station tours. In saying that, regular sedans have done our drives but caution is required as some sections are rocky and rough.
You will only be given the Mud Maps once you intend to head out on your drive. This way I can carefully explain the instructions, go over the trip notes and know who we have out driving on the station at any given time.

Is there mobile phone coverage at Trilby Station?

Yes – Telstra Next G.

What happens if it rains prior to my arrival?

The weather is probably the only thing I can't predict or guarantee (OK, so maybe the fishing as well) and road closures with rain are a fact of life in the outback. Roads are closed until they dry, which may only be half a day, a day, two days..... all dependent on the amount of rain received.

A mobile phone contact for whilst you are travelling is required when you book, so that I have a means of contacting you IF we have had significant rain immediately prior to your arrival. There is no charge for a forfeited booking when roads are closed to Trilby.

Consequently, if you are here and we receive rain then you may have to extend your stay until roads are dry and reopened. If a rain event is predicted I warn people of the risk of having to stay a little longer when they call or arrive at the station. The decision is then yours as to whether you will enjoy our station or leave it for another time.

Is Trilby Station pet friendly?

Yes, we do welcome pets here on the station however, being a working station with valuable livestock (as well as wildlife in close proximity), we do request that your dog be restrained at all times.

Male dogs are required to be desexed.

We do not allow pets into the cottages or Bunkhouse so please don’t ask as refusal may offend.

The Overseer’s Cottage is securely fenced and we ask that if you are bringing your dog that it be tied up outside on the verandah overnight.


Can I buy fuel and basic food provisions nearby?

Both Louth (25km) and Tilpa (70km) sell diesel and unleaded fuels, though it's a good idea to fuel up at your last major town before heading out to Trilby as occasionally the local pubs have run out of a particular fuel and are waiting for the next fuel tanker to replenish supplies. Fuel is also more costly at these small isolated villages.

Shindy's Inn at Louth can provide you with very basic food provisions – and they do a fantastic counter meal!

Here at the station we can sell you bagged ice and bait.