Trilby Station

The Outback Experience

outback - Trilby StationThe Outback is one of those rare experiences that taps into the very essence of the Australian heritage. A journey here will touch your soul and Trilby Station is a fine place for your journey to begin.

The NSW Outback provides a unique Australian experience that brings visitors in contact with the ancient and spectacular landscape of the Outback. Here you'll find rugged beauty, vivid red earth, bright blue skies, endless horizons and prolific native wildlife.

Outback NSW is rich in aboriginal history and an hours drive from Trilby Station can take you back 50,000 years to the dreamtime territory of the Ngemba tribe in the canyon of Mt Gundabooka, where you can view classic rock paintings. Time spent atop Mt Oxley, looking across a 100km expanse rekindles the experience of explorers Sturt and Hume in 1829 where they felt that "this would never be the haunt of civilized man'.

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